We are USC's Vietnamese Student Association

Our Mission

The USC Vietnamese Student Association strives to serve both USC student body and the local Los Angeles community. Through the promotion of cultural projects and events, we hope to enrich campus life and become a significant part of the diverse college community. Our goals for the following year include:

To celebrate our Vietnamese heritage, values, and traditions, as well as educate and share it with those interested in Vietnamese culture


To provide an open and welcoming space for our members, not only for social activities, but also for the discussion of important topics and issues


To connect with and reach out to the broader Vietnamese community outside of campus and maintain a strong network everyone in VSA can participate in

Our History

In 1976, it all began...

...when a small group of Vietnamese immigrants came together to unite a culture within the diverse student body of USC and formed the Vietnamese Student Association. Since then, it has grown into an intimate, active, and dynamic organization that aims to promote the Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American culture on campus as well as in the greater Los Angeles community. The members of USC VSA embrace their heritage as they contribute back their community. Enhancing the collegiate experience, USC VSA organizes cultural, political, social, and educational activities for students of all backgrounds, illuminating multiple aspects of the Vietnamese culture. We believe that the understanding of culture is essential for a holistic academic experience, and each year, we strive to implement community service projects to directly benefit the city of Los Angeles. USC VSA is a reflection of the Trojan family, or gia dinh, which stands for the goal of benefiting and improving the lives of everyone around them.

  • Years running
  • Culture Night Shows
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Our E-Board

Hover over the pictures to learn more about our 2015-2016 Executive Board!
Phoonie Ngo
Coming all the way from the motherland at a young age, Phoonie’s a strong independent woman. That’s what makes her the perfect choice as one of this year’s co-presidents. She does have one weakness though, and its name is Chipotle (with guac).
Teresa Pham
At 5’0”, Teresa doesn’t let height stop her from taking on a big challenge. Her downfalls, though, include chocolate and Yelping at 2 am. While she loves a good 90’s throwback jam, Teresa’s dancing is almost as bad as her sweet tooth. #turnip
Jennie Lam
Internal Vice President
If she’s not at a VSA meeting, Jennie can usually be found going ham at “Club Leavey”. Give her free food or swipe her into a dining hall and you’ve found yourself a loyal friend for life.
Hai Vu
External Vice President
Hai won VSA’s “Love Me” award last year, and this year she’ll be getting you to do just that as EVP. Beware of any bad pics of yourself getting into her hands, though, because this “Meme Queen” can turn anyone into an overnight sensation.
Jennifer Nguyen
A small-town girl with a big personality, you’d never guess Jennifer is from Idaho. A frequent world traveler, “J Nuggs” knows a thing or two about the world you might not. That’s why her hair is so big…it’s full of secrets.
Allison Mai
Publicity Director
Dubbed the “Elle Woods” of the group, Allison’s bubbly and positive personality is contagious, which makes her perfect as our PR queen. On the dance floor, though, you’d be surprised how quickly one can go from sweet to FIERCE.
Thomas Do
Finance Director
Silent and mysterious, you never quite know what Thomas is thinking. He’s not a man of many words, but Thomas likes to talk numbers anyways. In his spare time, he enjoys dressing up in suits and bringing flowers to friends.
Joanna Ng
Sponsorship Director
VSA legend has it that many moons ago, a Chinese girl came for the pho and stayed for that family…and that girl’s name is Joanna. Pho restaurants better watch out, because this girl’s coming for your pho and your sponsorship. #teampale
Andy Ngo
Activities Director
As a victim of some serious FOMO, activities director Andy can’t help but spread his “illness” and get everyone to come through for VSA. Andy loves going to VSA meetings more than the gym, which is saying a lot.
Jamie Nguyen
VCN Co-Director
As the leading lady of last year’s VCN, Jamie’s switching gears this year and sitting in the director’s chair for a change. She prides herself on her highly aggressive enthusiasm and official title as VSA’s resident Princess.
Maitlyn Phan
VCN Co-Director
After showing her talents choreographing VCN’s Girls’ Traditional last year, Maitlyn naturally came onboard as one of the VCN co-directors for this year. This multi-talented lady can also read your palm.
Benny To
Media Director
As the media director, Benny puts the aesthetic in #VSAesthetics…at least when it comes to our graphics. Outside of VSA, he spends his time binge watching TV shows and being a #626AZN. Pro-tip: he is obsessed with K-dramas.
Kristie Hoang
As our historian, Kristie’s not afraid to tell you to move for the perfect angle or shot. Be nice to her, because you never know what she’s captured in that camera of her’s.

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