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Welcome to the USC Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) website!

My name is Dorothy Le, and I am USC VSA’s president. I am thrilled and honored to serve as president for the 2013-2014 school year. Our executive board has a lot in store for our members and we are all eager to meet the newest members of our organization and of our Trojan family.

VSA has always been a family to me here at USC. Through thick and thin, USC VSA has been my shoulder to lean on and my guiding light. I have found comfort in this organization from way back when I was a lonely freshman on campus. VSA broke that barrier of fear, insecurity, and anxiety and reached out to me without hesitation. Though our organization is small, it has never failed to meet any of my goals or wishes. And most importantly, I have always had FUN.

This is what I hope VSA can do for you. We welcome anybody and everybody with open arms and full hearts. I hope that you will find comfort in VSA as well, and that you can consider us your family away from home.

I look forward to meeting you at our events and I can’t wait to spend the year with you all. Best of luck to our new and returning Trojan members! Fight on!

Dorothy Le