We are USC's Vietnamese Student Association

Our Mission

The USC Vietnamese Student Association strives to serve both USC student body and the local Los Angeles community. Through the promotion of cultural projects and events, we hope to enrich campus life and become a significant part of the diverse college community. Our goals for the following year include:
Go to Culture


To celebrate our Vietnamese heritage, values, and traditions, as well as educate and share it with those interested in Vietnamese culture


To provide an open and welcoming space for our members, not only for social activities, but also for the discussion of important topics and issues


To connect with and reach out to the broader Vietnamese community outside of campus and maintain a strong network everyone in VSA can participate in

Our History

In 1976, it all began...

...when a small group of Vietnamese immigrants came together to unite a culture within the diverse student body of USC and formed the Vietnamese Student Association. Since then, it has grown into an intimate, active, and dynamic organization that aims to promote the Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American culture on campus as well as in the greater Los Angeles community. The members of USC VSA embrace their heritage as they contribute back their community. Enhancing the collegiate experience, USC VSA organizes cultural, political, social, and educational activities for students of all backgrounds, illuminating multiple aspects of the Vietnamese culture. We believe that the understanding of culture is essential for a holistic academic experience, and each year, we strive to implement community service projects to directly benefit the city of Los Angeles. USC VSA is a reflection of the Trojan family, or gia dinh, which stands for the goal of benefiting and improving the lives of everyone around them.

What We do

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